Feb 28, 2017

Hello my name is Yasmin Joyner.

I am writing for a scholarship consideration for Nick Mastrangelo.

I am one of Nick’s former animation teachers and taught him since age 10. Nick started out as my problem student and quickly became a star student who assisted his teachers and fellow students regularly. Over the years of teaching him he has excelled in helping other students learn animation techniques. He displays an entrepreneurial spirit as well and made artwork and has sold to fans from a young age to the present.

Nick is an excellent problem solver and creates innovative ways to get animation completed on time doing well under deadline pressure. Since the age of 10 he has shown sophistication in his design, animation and story. Nick has continued to be an innovative animator and story-teller, always challenging himself when creating new work. Nick’s ability to do complex work made it easy to select him when I was approached by Adobe to do a project called “Exquisite Zombies”. I recommended that he immediately be brought on and sent samples of his range of work from stop motion to flash animated films. On “Exquisite Zombies” I allowed Nick to have significant say over how our animated piece would be designed and animated. Nick decided on the color and was head of the design on the piece, at the same time learning new techniques on roto-scope that he hadn’t implemented before.

I believe that Nick will continue to be a great artist, animator and film-maker showing sophistication and humanity in his future work. Nick has shown a true hard working spirit that has made me personally invest into his success in the past. I can only imagine a more compassionate, talented, empathetic, driven individual will emerge with your scholarship toward his future. The energy and hard work that I and other instructors and schools have brought Nick is only the beginning. 

Thank You.


Yasmin Joyner  

Contact:  yasminjoyner.com@gmail.com

These are letters of recommendation for scholarship purposes, and also opinions people have about me as an Artist as well as a person.

Feb 25th, 2017


My name is Martial Attitso and I am the owner of UNKUTCINEMATICS.  I am a Talent Manager.

I had been watching & enjoying Nicholas’ art works over a year now.  Every time he releases new works, it’s always unique and creative.  I discovered his films on YouTube which really caught my attention. So I checked the description which lead me to his Instagram page, and that’s how our creative relationship started. 

We worked on a few music videos together with my client artists (Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, King B ….).  He is quite dedicated with following through, which is extremely important in the entertainment industry.

When Nicholas told me that he was applying for the Adobe Creative Scholarship, I was so happy to provide him with a reference because even at such a young age, he’s a very humble and very respectful young man and deserves any opportunity that will come his way to further his career aspirations. 

Thank You so much for the opportunity to help Nicholas move closer to the next level!


Martial Attitso  

Contact: UNKUTCINEMATICS@gmail.com

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